Refixation of dislocated intraocular lens using the double needle flanged technique


  • Loraine Chow
  • Stephanie Yuk Department of Ophthalmology, Grantham Hospital
  • Nicholas Fung


Lens implantation, intraocular, Lens subluxation


Purpose: To review cases of refixation of the dislocated three-piece intraocular lens (IOL) using the Yamane flanged technique.
Methods: Medical charts of six patients who underwent refixation of subluxed or posteriorly dislocated three-piece IOLs using the Yamane flanged technique between January and December 2018 were retrospectively reviewed. The time from initial IOL implantation to IOL refixation, logMAR best corrected visual acuity at baseline and months 1, 3, and 6, spherical equivalent at month 6, IOL horizontal and vertical tilt at month 6, and complications were documented.
Results: The mean time from IOL implantation to IOL refixation was 12.6±9.7 years. Of the six cases, four had successful refixation of IOL and two had unsuccessful refixation of IOL and necessitated removal of the IOL and implantation of a new one. The mean logMAR best corrected visual acuity improved from 1.48 preoperatively to 0.680 at month 1, 0.400 at month 3, and 0.320 at month 6. The mean spherical equivalent at month 6 was -0.520. In the four cases with the original IOL, at month 6 the IOL horizontal tilt was 2.5°±4.5° and the vertical tilt was -4.00°±2.754°.

Conclusion: Using the Yamane flanged technique to refixate the dislocated IOL achieves good stability and spherical equivalent of the IOL. Intra-operative assessment of the IOL and correct angulation and manipulation of the haptics are crucial for the success of surgery.


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